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  • What is the format of classes?
    Classes are hands-on and full engagement between the instructor and students. Students learn and practice skills demonstrated by our instructors and prepare recipe items. Our small class sizes ensure that each student will get plenty of personal attention from the instructor who will walk them through each step of the recipe and provide gentle instructions for each technique. Students will have all the tools and ingredients needed for each class. Classes may be in individual or team format. Instructors will decide how teams will be set up and chosen.
  • What are you doing to keep classes safe?
    We teach and follow kitchen safety rules and instructions at the beginning of each class. We also frequently clean and disinfect our baking space throughout classes.
  • What should students/participants wear?
    Please dress comfortable with closed-toe shoes. Please pull your hair back so that your hair does not pose a safety or health issue for you and others in the class. An apron will be provided to wear during class but overall we recommend wearing clothes that you don't mind getting a little bit messy.
  • Do I drop off my kids or do I stay during class?
    Our classes are mostly two hours long so we utilize a drop-off and pick-up method. Not only does this allow parents some free time but it also helps build autonomy and social growth in your child. However, we offer a waiting room for parents who wish to stay during class. We have Parent-Child classes that includes both child and parent to participate. These classes are specified in the class description.
  • What if I have a food allergy?
    We use common ingredients in our classes and all ingredients may not be listed in the class description. if you have a food allergy, we ask that you understand our goal is to teach /baking cooking techniques and it will not always be possible to change class menus and ingredients to accommodate those with allergies. It is best to contact us and ask about a specific class so we may better help you.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept debit card, credit card, pay link, or Paypal payments when registering for a class online or making a deposit for a private event of birthday party. In person we will accept payments via Zelle or Cash App. We do not accept cash payments.
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