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Nena Brown

Hello, I am a wife and mother of 3 loving children. My professional background is in Business Management, Compliance, and Risk Management. Brown Baking X3 was founded in 2021 but the seed was planted back in 2018 when I became a new mom and was overwhelmed with returning to the workplace as a working career mom. Cooking and baking turned out to be therapy for me. I have such a passion spending time with my kids and our students in the kitchen and hope that your child will join a class soon with us! 

Our Story

I love being a mom but when our twin girls were babies I remember being happy to be able to sneak off and take a 3-minute shower while dad was home. I was still transitioning to this new me while being a full-time employee with an inclining career. It was hard and I remember feeling unfulfilled at work. All I needed was to win the lottery! 

As the girls grew up, I would find time during their naps or after bedtime to get back in the kitchen and try new recipes and slowly I started to feel like me again! I know some people do not like cooking but for me its therapeutic. Especially when its on my terms or entertaining guests. 

We bought these toddler kitchen helpers because when I would make breakfast or lunch for the kids, they would want to SEE what I was doing, ask what's the name of this food item, etc.They have always had an interest in helping me in the kitchen. This hobby that was carved out just for me turned into new ways I could connect and spend time with our daughters (especially since I was pregnant with our son).  I welcomed them with open arms and it has really turned into a passion for me. We began to document them helping me cook and bake which has been such a joy to see how much they are learning and how quickly they catch on. A consistent statement from them was " I WANT TO DO IT" which later became our slogan and really the heart of what we do. There is so much passion, desire, and confidence in that one phrase.

I started to be strategic about what recipes we would try for new exposure and learning points and found myself thinking that I wish I started learning about baking at an early age. I saw the improvement with their communication, motor skills, critical thinking, etc. I was amazed. I wanted other children to have this experience as well! I began challenging myself with new techniques, new recipes and really teaching myself how to bake so that I can teach my kids. After the wheels started rolling, we never looked back. So we are here to be of service, to be mentors, leaders, and teachers to our students. Our goal is to create a loving, safe, and fun space for students to grow, make mistakes, grow some more, and help them gain confidence in the kitchen and in their everyday experiences. 

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